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Little Seed Nominated for Grammy!

Wow! Our album “Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie” was nominated for a Grammy! We are crazy grateful for this recognition of our work, almost 20 years into making music with children! And we are so happy to be sharing our nomination it with our constant source of inspiration, Woody Guthrie. Here is a sweet little video we made of a song from the album, the inventive lullaby “Sleep Eye.”

Dear Friends,

When I wrote in our newsletter last week that there was much news to share at this time of year and that you would be hearing from me again this week, I never imagined that I would be writing to share this news. Our album “Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie” was nominated for a Grammy last night!

I began making music with and for children almost twenty years ago, and Woody Guthrie’s music has been part of my path since the very beginning. His songs opened my mind and heart and were in my classroom the first time I sang with kids. I am so honored to record with the incredible record label that brought Woody Guthrie’s music to the world and continues to work tirelessly to keep his legacy alive. Thank you Smithsonian Folkways!

The reward for me has always been the work itself. The love I get back from the children and families with whom we are lucky enough to share our music is more than I could have ever hoped for, truly. But I have to say I really am very grateful for this recognition of our work. This album is a tribute to Woody, his art and his lasting and profound relevance in our lives. I feel so much joy every time we sing “Bling Blang” and “Who’s My Pretty Baby” with an audience, it is always, for me, a feeling of instant freedom. Thank you Woody!

To celebrate the nomination of “Little Seed” we release our video for the beautiful Woody Guthrie song “Sleep Eye” filmed in Woodstock last summer on a warm night in June and directed by my friend Tom Schnaidt. I hope you all enjoy it!

Please click here to watch video!

You can purchase “Little Seed” and all of our albums from our own online store!


This weekend brings us to two of our favorite states, Maine and Rhode Island for concerts in Portland and Providence. And next weekend brings us to NYC for our annual concert at Symphony Space- tickets are going fast so get them while you can!

There will be just one more small newsletter next week, and then you won’t hear from us until next year, I promise!!!

Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower

Little Seed wins a Parents Choice Gold Award!

Little Seed wins a Parents Gold Award!

From Parents Choice :

“Elizabeth Mitchell’s light, effortless soprano and natural warmth shine on her latest release Little Seed. On this compilation album, Mitchell’s talents match the simplicity of the timeless songs by Woody Guthrie, who spun their melodies, lyrics and wordplay with the first-hand knowledge of a father’s heart and a child’s wonder. “Rattle rattle rattle/skiddle my skaddle” (“Rattle My Rattle”), “My pony runs to the music and drums/Round and round and round” (“Merry-Go-Round”), “I’m a little baby a few days old/I’m a little snick-snack some days old” (“One Day Old”)-the nonsense words have a joyful rubber ball bounce, while the songs overall evoke play and family togetherness in a gentler world without electronic distractions. No museum pieces, Guthrie’s songs are alive and thriving in the tender care of Mitchell and her fine cadre of fellow acoustic musicians.- Lynne Heffey”

People Magazine calls “Little Seed” Exquisite! And Storey draws on the page!

Sunny Day Coloring Book

Little Seed Review

It may not be cosmically possible for Elizabeth Mitchell to release an unrewarding, lackluster, run of the mill album; nevertheless it’s always great to see that she’s still got the magic touch. Anyone can record an album of Woody Guthrie songs (and many people have!), but it takes a nimble but earthy musical touch to get it just right. Little Seed is an all around winner, and is highly recommended for any home, classroom, and library. Send a copy to your congressperson and ask them to thoughtfully listen to all the verses of “This Land is Your Land,” maybe it’ll open up some minds and hearts.

Warren Truitt, About.com

All Music Guide reviews “Little Seed” !

“The 13 tracks are ceaselessly charming and often cut the preciousness inherent to kid’s music with a subtle sense of humor and reverence walking hand in hand with the more childlike elements. Field recording-like automotive sound effects on “Riding in My Car” are devoid of any cuteness whatsoever, and Mitchell’s extensive liner notes speak of her discovery of Woody Guthrie’s freely associated children’s music and how it helped her find mystery and joy in what formerly seemed too straightforward or cloying. Her deep connection with his innocent sounds in her adult life is felt throughout the album… Little Seed captures all of the freewheeling ramble of Guthrie’s spirit and fuses it with the starry-eyed beauty of Mitchell’s crystal-clear voice and glowing songcraft.”

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Zooglobble: Little Seed Review


“Longtime Elizabeth Mitchell fans will love the new recordings on Little Seed, and if you’re a newcomer to Mitchell’s music for families, it’s a sweet half-hour introduction to the kids’ artist most visible folk interpreter. She does right by Woody Guthrie. Definitely recommended.”

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