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Turn, Turn, Turn
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Dear Friends,

Our collaboration with our pal Dan Zanes, “Turn Turn Turn” was released to the world yesterday- we really hope you enjoy the good fun that it holds!

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We celebrated the release with a performance at the First annual Summer Hoot at the Ashokan Center this past weekend- what an extraordinary event it was, I promise, you want to be there next year for the second annual one!

Hoot and PeteHere is a photograph taken by Christopher Justin Gilner of a magical moment during our set- Natalie Merchant and Simi Stone joined us to sing “Turn Turn Turn” while Mr.Pete Seeger looked on. There really are no words for the gratitude I feel towards everyone with us on Sunday, and especially Pete. He performed after us- listening and singing along with him was truly one of the most powerful and lovely hours of my lifetime. Thanks to Mike Merenda and Ruthy Ungar for giving all of us such a gift, yet again.

Here is a postcard that Pete sent to Mike and Ruthy yesterday- I’m telling you, you want to join us next year!

Sprout with Dan ZanesSo from the amazing Hoot festival at the Ashokan Center we traveled to sunny Philadelphia yesterday to visit the very nice people of Sprout at the Sunny Side Up Show. We had such a good time singing songs with Sean and Chica and our efforts will be aired tomorrow morning!

Tune in if you can and hear songs from our new album and more….

As we drove home from Philly today we listened on the radio to the speeches during the 50th anniversary celebration of the March on Washington. We felt so inspired by the remembrances of all those courageous people and so much debt to them for what their hard work and sacrifice gave to us.

We hope you are all enjoying these last few days of summer and are looking forward to all that autumn brings. Much love and gratitude to all of you!

elizabeth mitchell and you are my flower

Turn, Turn, Turn

Turn, Turn, Turn

Our new album with our friend Dan Zanes comes out this month, and to celebrate we want to share this new video with you- filmed on a sunny Sunday looking out on the Hudson river- we hope you enjoy it!

Dear Friends,

FourOur new album with Dan Zanes “Turn Turn Turn” comes out one week from today and we are having many musical gatherings and creative adventures to celebrate the release…

Dan and I head to sunny Philadelphia next week to make appearance on Sprout’s Sunny Side up Show! The Sunny Side Up Show is Sprout’s daily live morning show for preschoolers and their families, where the hosts keep the energy positive, the content interactive and the show engaging. We will be stopping by the Sunshine Barn on Thursday, August 29 to hang-out, talk about our music and sing songs with Chica and friends.

We have a brand new video to share, premiered by Entertainment Weekly! “Now Let’s Dance” directed by our good friend Matt Mayers and filmed on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Weehawken NJ- we hope you enjoy it!

Turn, Turn, Turn Video

And, this weekend we will be having a party at the Skirball Center in Manhattan to officially celebrate the album release! Please join us Saturday morning if you can, it’s a big room and we need to fill it with the sound of your voices- we will have special guests and new songs! NYUSkirball.org


elizabeth mitchell and you are my flower