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You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
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Dear friends,

First I want to send my love and prayers to everyone affected by the storm this week- our hearts and minds have been constantly with you and our loved ones at home on the east coast.

We are having quite an adventure out on the road and are so grateful for all the kindness we have been shown. Our time in Chicago was fantastic- The Old Town School of Folk Music is truly an outstanding venue, perhaps our all time favorite one to play! Storey joined us onstage at our Ida concert there later that night, to sing three part harmony with us on the Peter Rowan/Bill Monroe song “Walls of Time.” I was one proud mama.


Our weekend in the Bay Area was also wonderful- the Lagunitas School Harvest Fair was so lovely, we had a hard time remembering the words to our songs while looking out on all the natural beauty! The activities and snacks were thoughtful, inspiring and delicious! Storey made very good friends with a snake named Gandalf- we had just finished reading “The Hobbit” two days earlier, so this was very exciting, especially since the field where we were playing looks exactly like middle earth!


Our afternoon at the San Francisco Public Library was equally magical- we were able to project images from Remy Charlip’s book “Arm in Arm” behind us onstage as we played which was truly an honor. Our dear friend Frances England joined us for our first ever performance of the song “Arm in Arm” – thank you, Frances!

We are so looking forward to our time in the pacific northwest this weekend! And…to our first ever visit to the ATLANTA area next weekend!!! If you have friends in that area please, please, please let them know we are coming- we have never played there, and we want to have people to sing with come showtime!

I wanted to tell you about the amazing sponsor (our first time!) we are working with on this tour- The Mother Company! We recorded a song for them called “The Happy Song” that is included in their DVD- “Ruby’s Studio: The Feelings Show.” We are longtime fans of The Mother Company and feel very lucky to be working with them on our tour- we will be singing “The Happy Song” at our upcoming shows and asking, what makes you happy? Come on out and let us know!

Please click here to see the video!

The Mother Company has a special limited offer below- check it out!

Finally, for those of you able to celebrate today- Happy Halloween! Our family is going to be a rainbow- I am purple, Storey is blue, Daniel is orange, my sister Caroline is yellow, my brother-in-law is red, my niece Athena is green and my youngest niece Gloria is the pot of gold! I will post a photo on facebook if we get a good one! I would LOVE to see YOUR costumes, so post them to our facebook page so we can see how beautiful you are!

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elizabeth mitchell and you are my flower