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Dear Friends

I am writing to you unexpectedly from Spokane WA tonight! In the last 24 hours Storey and I have visited the children’s hospitals ERs in Portland and here in Spokane. Storey came down with a nasty stomach bug this weekend and had to be treated for dehydration. We have decided to stay here in Spokane until she is fully recovered and then go straight home from here.

So, this means we will not be making our trip to Atlanta and Lexington this weekend. I am so, so sorry to change our plans, but I have to do what is right for Storey and she needs time to mend and rest to recover from this virus. I have to be a Mom first, I hope you all understand. We will reschedule our performances soon and will come and sing with you when we are healthy and strong!

With Amelia

Our time in Seattle at Town Hall was amazing, we sang with so many beautiful children. We were so excited to finally meet the brave and wonderful Amelia and to sing John the Rabbit with her! Also, adorable and spirited Mari and Noemi joined us to sing “Under the Big Chestnut Tree.” And we were honored to have Seattle’s own Emma Jassy open the first show with her rockin’ original song “Other Side of the Yard.”

nl_nov_2with Mari and Noemi

Our afternoon in Portland was also very sweet! We met so many super cool families and had a great time at the Village Ballroom. There is a very kind review of the concert here. Our dear friend Ruth Lockwood joined us on glockenspiel and other sonic fairy dust for the weekend and it was so lovely to play music with her again! And we had so much fun playing “The Happy Song” at the shows- we heard about so many things that make people happy- penguins, best friends, Hobbits, tortilla chips, hula hoops and more!

with Emma

Well it is time to turn in and go to bed, hoping tonight will be our first full night of sleep since Friday! Again, our apologies to the people of Atlanta and Lexington, we promise to make it to you soon.

Love to all of you,
Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower