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You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
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Dear Friends,

Grammy AwardSpring greetings to you! I hope this note finds you all well and feeling some sunshine, wherever you are. We are enjoying the longer light and the buds poking out from under the dry leaves, but we are in a bit of a time warp here, as we have spent the last month working intensively on recording…Christmas songs! We will wrap up work on that project (and another one!) by the end of this month, and are looking forward to a little break in May before our summer touring schedule heats up- see the beginning of new dates below. Our first stop will be 2 shows in Burlington VT this Saturday- our first ever visit to the state of Vermont- we will be playing with our dear friend Dan Zanes- come on out to the shows and check out my debut as a….drummer!

Lila DownsOur family had an adventurous winter this year, as we found ourselves in California, Louisiana and Florida in February! We made the trip to Los Angeles for the Grammy Awards and had an incredible time. The day before the awards ceremony we played a benefit concert with the other wonderful nominees (congratulations to the winners, our pals The Okee Dokee Brothers!) – raising the funds to purchase a harp for a local public school, thanks to the Mr Hollands Opus Foundation. The awards ceremonies were quite an adventure, we had fun on the red carpet and met Lila Downs, who won a Grammy later that day for Best Regional Mexican Album, we were so excited to see her win! Lila is featured on Dan Zanes great album “Nueva York.”

Grammy AwardAlthough we didn’t win the award that the Recording Academy gave out, we did receive a very beautiful Grammy that day that I want to share with you. My dear friend, Storey’s Godfather and author of “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” Brian Selznick, visited us that morning and gave us a box that he made, filled with 100 tiny golden seeds as a tribute to “Little Seed” our album that was nominated.

Grammy AwardAnd then when we returned home, if I didn’t feel loved enough already, my six year old niece Penny gave me a Grammy award that she made! It also features a little seed, at the top. I feel very, very honored now, like an absolute champion. So many people sent us good wishes for our Grammy adventure and we are grateful for each and every one. When I began making music with children over twenty years ago, I never imagined that I would come this far!


After we left Los Angeles, we headed to New Orleans on the train, arriving in time for the last night of Mardi Gras- oh my! We spent a fascinating and delicious day in New Orleans, and then headed to Florida to play a benefit for the North Florida School of Special Education with our friend Dan Zanes.
We had a wonderful time in Ponte Vedra playing music with Dan, and even made a new friend- thanks for saving us from the bad guys, Gram! We then made our way to Tampa for more musical good times there, had a very quick stop at Hogsmeade in Orlando, and then happily home.

Our big news today is there will be a sale in our online store this week- everything will be ten percent off, starting Monday, for one week! Visit us here-


Thanks to all of you for your interest and support- I hope we will see you out on the road sometime soon!

elizabeth mitchell and you are my flower