elizabeth mitchell  you are my
You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
Shape 1

Dear Friends,

A very quick note today to announce our new album coming out later this summer! It is called “Turn Turn Turn” and was recorded together with our dear friend Mr. Dan Zanes! We had so much fun making this album together, and here is a little glimpse behind the scenes, literally behind the studio in our back yard! I will let Mr Zanes set it up for you himself…..more to come soon!


Sail Away LadiesHere I am with ELIZABETH MITCHELL AND DANIEL AND STOREY LITTLETON AKA YOU ARE MY FLOWER. It’s a perfect April afternoon we’re getting a few minutes of sun before returning to continue recording the new CD TURN TURN TURN. It appears that the main purpose of the break is to entertain YUKI, the family dog. I like to think that it’s the song, SAIL AWAY LADIES, that’s making Yuki feel so wild.
If you have a dog or any other pet would you please take it off the leash get out your instrument and play this tune? If this is what Sail Away Ladies does to animals we should probably know so we can make arrangements at our concerts.
The cd TURN TURN TURN will land on planet earth August 27th……

Sail Away Ladies
click to play!