elizabeth mitchell  you are my
You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
Shape 1

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“… the children’s album of the year, You Are My Flower. Actually, no artist or label is listed on the CD’s cover, but it’s the work of Ida singer-guitarists Elizabeth Mitchell and Daniel Littleton. Their interest in country and folk music from the first half of the century has led them to the tuns for kids that were part of the repertoire of the Carter Family, Leadbelly, and their kin. They sing and play familiar tunes (“Shoo-Fly”) and less familiar ones (“Little Sack of Sugar”) with the quiet sweetness and intimacy of people performing for an audience of one very small person. Bonus poings for including a track listed as “Rock & Roll,” a short recording of a very, very young-sounding group. Ger it for somebody who’ll tank you in 20 years.”
–    Douglas Wolk, Boston Phoenix

“Followers of Dan Zanes and other intelligent Children’s Music artists are going to want to grab this one up while you can. This complete and fulfilling, warm and cozy folk album for kids, with a slight retro feel, is gentle and calming but happy and delightful at the same time. With friendly female vocals, similar to Sheryl Crow or Shawn Colvin, this will appeal to kids of all ages; even the ones in 50 year old bodies.”

“… A hip New York band’s labor of love, You Are My Flower is filled with songs you thought you and your perfect baby would be listening to in a pleasantly dusty, sun beam, back in the days when you were still pregnant. Elizabeth Mitchell’s sweet interpretations of songs by Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly can take the edge off of many an imploding day. Be glad when your little flower sends You Are My Flower to the top of the charts in your home. This is kids’ music that’s a balm to every mother’s savaged nerves, not to mention an honest antidote to all the sugar-coated synthesized treacle-fudge that’s pawned off as “fun for the whole family.”
–    Ayun Halliday, HIPMAMA.COM

“The version of the old foldksong “Freight Train” that my wife and I sing to our nine-month-old comes from a children’s album Dan and Liz recorded a couple years ago… It’s a beautiful and simple song, the kind you can sing endlessly for as many verses as you can imagine places you’d like to go. In subsequent verses Liz and Dan take the freight train to visit their friend across town (“Goin’ to Brooklyn, goin’ so fast…”), Liz’s sister in California, and even their pal Jojo in Africa. As in all their songs together, you can hear every breath of their singing, and their harmonies cling with such grace and precision that at times it seems you can hear it when they smile – a little sideways grin in the chorus when they happen to catch each other’s eye. But Ida’s “Freight Train” is more than just remarkable singing. It’s also a deft piece of renovation…”
– Carly Carioli, BOSTON PHOENIX