elizabeth mitchell  you are my
You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
Shape 1


In the land of Blue Clouds, anything can happen. The clear and beautiful voice of children’s music favorite Elizabeth Mitchell weaves musical landscapes that “seem like a patchwork of memories we’ve always shared,” writes Caldecott Award – winning author Brian Selznick in the liner notes. The dreamlike illustrations of legendary artist Remy Charlip illuminate the magical narratives of these timeless songs. Mitchell’s extended family band, You Are My Flower, including daughter Storey and husband Daniel Littleton, embrace us with sound in a celebration of family, imagination and love. 16 tracks, 39 minutes, 32 page booklet.

Press on Blue Clouds

  • Zooglobble.com

    “Mitchell pulls us all in and, for a moment, makes us feel connected before sending us back into the world to be as generous with others as she has been with us. Highly recommended.”

  • CommonSenseMedia.org

    “Elizabeth Mitchell brings a serenity, sincerity, and depth to music unlike any other artist. It’s music that resonates in your soul whether you’re a wee little one or a big old grown-up…For those familiar with Mitchell’s previous albums, you may notice a subtle difference with BLUE CLOUDS– there’s an unexpected maturity to these songs, making it absolutely one of her best albums yet.”

  • LATimes.com

    “…part of what makes “Blue Clouds” work is that Mitchell and co-producer Warren Defever (of the shape-shifting art-rock outfit His Name Is Alive) restrict the album’s sound to a delicate chamber-folk murmur; David Bowie’s “Kooks,” for instance, seems here about as pint-sized as Mitchell’s listeners. The result is that valued record-industry commodity: children’s music that adults — or at least parents — can enjoy. More important, though, it serves as a gentle corrective to kid culture’s ongoing sensory assault.”

  • About.com

    “Blue Clouds continues Elizabeth Mitchell’s string of flawless collections of music for families. Her original compositions and her choices of cover tunes and traditional songs are, as usual, heads and shoulders above most of the children’s music crowd, making Blue Clouds one of the best kids’ music CDs of 2012.”


“Together with her husband, Daniel Littleton, and their daughter, Storey, Mitchell has released some of the most uplifting kids music out there.” – NPR

“Mitchell teaches but never preaches. She promotes understanding deep and wide. At peaks, equal measures cultural individuality and unity emerge.” – Austin American Statesman

“Elizabeth Mitchell has bridged the gap between independent rock and post cradle kiddo-core…Gorgeously lucid.” – Chicago Reader


“Elizabeth Mitchell is a wonder…. ‘Sunny Day’ only confirms her status as the best in her field.” – Albany Times Union

“Mitchell’s music has a purity and beauty that transcends the children’s genre.” – Los Angeles Daily News

“If the world ended and we had to reinvent everything from scratch, Elizabeth Mitchell should provide the new template for children’s music. Her voice alone is transcendent…and her choice of music breathes new life into American folk standards that have been gathering undeserved dust. This is music for all ages; it just happens to appeal to kids thanks to its approachable melodies and gentle pacing.”  – Rhapsody

“thoughtful, genuine, and quietly imaginative…Elizabeth Mitchell should be acknowledged as the leading female children’s artist.” – EMUSIC.COM

“Whether she’s singing in English, Spanish, Japanese, or Korean, she embodies the spirit of folk music. Guthrie and Seeger would be proud.” – Cookie Magazine

Recent Press

Woodstock Times:

“A vocalist and guitarist who has recorded numerous albums for kids, many of them with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Mitchell performs with her husband, Dan Littleton, and their daughter, Storey, now 11, in a band called You Are My Flower. “Storey sings three-part harmony with us and plays the alto recorder, ukulele, and harmonica,” her mother explained. “We’ve been inspired by other musical families — the Carter family, the Wainwright-McGarrigles — there’s no other sound quite like the sound of a family making music together.””

From Article: “Grammy Hopefuls”

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