elizabeth mitchell  you are my
You are My Flower
You are My Sunshine
Catch the Moon
You Are My Little Bird
Sunny Day
Little Seed
Turn, Turn, Turn
Shape 1

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For many years before I called Elizabeth Mitchell a friend, her music filled my home and touched my family. From the very first listen I gave to her 2002 album You Are My Sunshine, Elizabeth’s voice eased its way into our home and filled it—and us—with sound of a gentle, loving nature. In those early days of parenting the littlest of souls, her melodies became a part of our everyday life. Lyrics gentle and easy enough so that the youngest among us could join in somehow, and songs sweet enough that they bore repeated singing through our days. Approachable, pretty, and friendly―these songs wove their way into my mind and our family’s heart.

Sunny Day continues in the same tradition and grows in new and wonderful ways, as family life has a way of doing. As the bonds of family and friends grow older and stronger with age, Elizabeth invites us to rejoice with her own. With the continued and growing accompaniment of her daughter Storey and husband Daniel, Sunny Day greets listeners with a “welcome home” as we join them―track after track―in song once again.

Just like the rhythm of our days—the pulse of our family life—Sunny Day inspires a steady rhythm of family connection and togetherness: gently guiding us through the course of a day in song and dance (because one can’t help but dance!)—taking us everywhere from bed to the kitchen, to school, to the garden, and tucked back safely in bed at night. The songs bring our attention to the magical, mysterious, fabulous, and special simple moments of everyday living―all the while connecting us to each other, the animals and people of the wide world, and the pleasures found in the earthly delights around us.

Sunny Day is a collection of “handmade” music of the finest kind, for folks of all ages. Steeped in the tradition, history, and comfort of the folksingers and elders before us and spun with the modern delight and wonder of children, the songs are as young and magical as the very young and magical songwriting family making the music.

In a world that can often feel overwhelming, chaotic, and just too busy, this music is a deep sigh of peace and a full smile of love. The songs gently encourage us to remember and honor childhood as a time of exploration, wonder, and imagination. No matter our age, we are reminded that there is great pleasure to be found in the simplest of small, ordinary, and beautiful moments in everyday life. As we listen to the words of peace and share them with our family through song, borders and age fade away . . . and loving arms hold us close together as a family. In that place, we become open to the promise and possibility that today…. “it’s gonna be a lovely day.”

—Amanda Blake Soule

Song Notes

Dear Friends:

I just finished my song notes and—wow—each song really has a long story! I guess for some people like me, songs are treasures, journeys, best friends, full of meaning and memories. For our family, these songs have become all these things and more. They are a bridge from our home to yours, allowing us to share moments with you and to travel to places we never dreamed we would go.

As I write this, Storey is one month away from turning nine years old! When we last met with the release of You Are My Little Bird, she was five. Storey grows, the music grows, and I try to keep up with them and the muses, sounds, and inspirations that fly around my head like little birds.

We’ve made so many lovely friends in Woodstock and beyond these last few years. I am so grateful to be able to share with you these sounds that we made together.

— Elizabeth Mitchell